Sad Beautiful Tragic

2015 | Liebesbrief klassisch / kreativ

You’re the end and the beginning of everything. You are what I never had expected.

I never expected you to come into my life, someone who has totally bewitched me.

You took my heart, you took my soul and I gave it to you voluntarily.

I can’t stop my heart from beating whenever I’m near you.

I can’t concentrate, I can’t even keep my mouth closed.

My eyes search for you and whenever you’re there I can’t keep ’em off you.

I love how your eyes shine when you smile, I love this spark in you,

the sound of your voice, the loosened happiness in your laughter.

Back then when we were closer there was nothing I could fear, nothing but losing you.

Now I did. I don’t know where to start again.

How to ever feel free and accepted and taken on, how to ever love again?

Will I ever, will I ever feel such deep emotions for anybody else again?

I’m lost in confusement like I was lost in your eyes, I feel hollow the way I felt fulfilled with you.

I’m all alone now, I can’t bear to believe that our connection is cut, has totally been cut down.

I still believe in us, I still love you like I’ve loved you from the start and I will keep on devote myself to you, forever.